Dean and I have been together for a lil over 10 months bit we both decided that we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other. I do love him, and I’m in love with him and he feels the same way about me.

Of course we still bicker. Things aren’t perfect, but I love the progress we’ve made with eachother, and I know that all we can do is go up from here. We’ve built our apartment from the ground up. We went from nothing but couch and a couch cushion to sleep on to a full living room set and a dining room and an office with a fish tank, and a queen size bed and dressers and we got thermal curtains to keep the apartment cooler. My dad, aunt, and even my mom (with very minor things) has helped me transport furniture and gave us a few gifts. We’ve even been able to save a LOT of money and it’s come in handy for when I had to get a new starter for my car.

Well Dean proposed to me this morning. We picked out our rings together and have matching black and rose gold tungsten bands. We didn’t ask dad for his blesing yet, so I can’t be too open about it, but we are still planning on asking him and etc.

I’m kinda tipsy right now and I regret it. I drunk the wine too fast and feel sick. So if this had a lot of typos I’m sorry. Feels like I’m dying of alcohol poisoning (not really but I’m just bleh). My fiance is here comforting me even though I’ve been a meanie all night. He’s so good to me. We are planning on having the wedding in May after I get my associates on business degree.

Well just wanted to tell y’all the news. Love y’all. Be safe.

P.S. Bonus meme versions of ourselves and a pic from our journey to an old graffiti-ed bridge in my old neighborhood.

Woes of my Love Life Pt 1: The Target Parking Lot

In order to not overwhelm myself about what has happened to my lovelife in the past 4 months, I’m going to give you pieces in small increments, so that you have time to digest.


So upon moving out I got more active on dating apps, namely MeetMe and POF (PlentyofFish). Most of the time it resulted in weird guys, or guys who I thought would be amazing, but they disappeared (Screw those dirty swines).

Well I met this one guy on POF who just so happened to be…… wait for it… dun dun DUN my booty caller from when I was 16!!!!

wait WHAT?

Yes. I had a guy, who would try to call me and get me to hang out with him at night, and looking back, I am SO glad I didn’t see him back then, because I wouldn’t have known how to handle myself. We are gonna give this guy a name: B.C., short for Booty Caller of course. Well I remembered B.C. on PoF, but he didn’t exactly remember me. I look a LOT different than I did back then though. Got lil fatter and I had weave in the time bahah.

Well anyway we are chit chatting for a while and decide to meet up…. In the Target parking lot. Idk why I even agreed to this. It was late at night in the middle of like January? I think? I drove out to the parking lot and waited for him. He pulled up next to me and we both got out of the car. He was kinda tall, like maybe 6’3″? And his face was kinda odd… Like he looked like the Crimson Chin from the Fairly Odd Parents. But I was like whatever I can ignore that (I mean hell my chin sticks out a lot too). We say hi, and I walk up to hug him and he tries to start kissing me right off the bat. I held my hand up to block his mouth and told him to slow down.

He apologized and when he asked whose car we should get in I quickly responded MINE so I wouldn’t risk the chance of getting locked in his car. Well we get in my car and he immediately tries to start kissing me again. I tell him to calm down cause I still wanna talk and at least try to get to know him before he slides his tongue down my throat? You know?

So we chat. He tells me he is from Brazil and he graduated when he was 16 and went to college and all this other junk. He told be about how he got sweatpants off some famous rapper cause he out rapped him in a rap battle….. Like not even making this up. He apparently out rapped a famous rapper and got his sweatpants. Like who the f*** does this? Why is this a thing? Well I ask him what was the rap, and he raps for me. He wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t say it was much to brag about either… So I listened to his rap and he tried to start kissing me again so I gave in and started kissing him back, cause why not? So we are making out and junk in the car and he’s like kissing me and biting my neck like really hard. Literally. I thought I was in some kind of vampire movie, and I die cause he left an open flesh wound in my neck and I bled to death hahahahah. Not really but really. I tried to make a point that he was biting too hard but he didn’t listen.

Well I just couldn’t shake the feeling that this is wrong so I told him I want to stop making out for a while and talk more. So we talked about tv shows and other stuff but he would keep cutting me off to kiss me. And he told me my eyes were beautiful and all this other nonsense, like “I wanna make you my girl” and “I want to take you back to my place” between kisses. I wasn’t really buying it though.

But anyway we are making out pretty hard core and I’m enjoying it for the most part……… Til he pulls his dick out…… This caught me pretty off guard because to be quite honest I’d avoided touching any guys dick up til this point, even my ex’s. So in my head I’m mentally screaming. But because we are still making out, I grab his dick and start giving him a handjob… I just didn’t know what to do! I was so in shock I just did what my first instinct told me to do. He was pretty fuzzy, but he was atleast a decent size although for being as tall as he was I expected him to be a little bigger but I digress. Soon he started being all like “you wanna say hi to my little friend?” And was trying to make me go down on him, and I was like “no… No I don’t want to meet your friend” but he kept trying to push my head down. I fought it off though, and got out of going down on him hehheh.

Well we made out some more while I was stroking but I felt uncomfortable and I asked him to put it away. Surprisingly he did. And we talked a lil but more. He seemed kinda irritated but he was good about hiding it, until he lunged from his seat over into my seat, and I mean really LUNGED LIKE A VAMPIRE into my seat and was biting the life out of my neck. Like really sucking the soul out of me. 😂😂 And he stuck his hand down my pants and was fingering me. And to be honest, it was really hot, and it had me moaning pretty loud, which didn’t help the fact that I didn’t want to have sex with this guy, in my car, in the target parking lot… So after a bit of having the soul bitten out of my neck, I told him I REALLY wanted to go home. And he said okay. But then he asked if I could “walk him to his car” even though he was parked one spot away from me… But I agreed, so we got out of my car and I went to hug him. And he pinned me up hard against my car and started bitting my neck again and grabbing my ass in the middle of the parking lot……….

He left. And he didn’t leave a hickey on ny neck, he left a bite mark. Like he bit me so hard he bruised my neck all up, and it was swollen. I never met up with him again even though he hit me up constantly. It took my a solid month but I called him a ho and told him he doesn’t really want a relationship, he just wants a booty call, and I’m not that person.

Needless to say, my experiences only goes downhill from here haha.

To Catch You Up On My Life

So once again I totally apologize for not posting that much. I feel like I have less internal conflicts do I don’t feel the need to write about things. None-the-less I’ve realized that I’ve gained a few followers, so I’ll try to keep y’all entertained.

I am now 18 years old. I turned 18 back in February.
I still drive my beautiful 2000 Honda Accord (I named her Mercedes, because she used to be a rental car before I got her, so in a way she used like a ho, but she a classy ho).
I’m going to be honest, I have not regularly attended church in a long time. I feel like I need to find a better church for me. I am still a Christian though, and I believe that since God loves all anyway, that we should try to love and at least tolerate those around us (but don’t let a serial killer get away with murder, we still love him but he has to be locked up 😂😂😂).
I graduated from high school with a golden tassel, and I am now a college student. Life is grand, but Chemistry is hard as a damn rock.

My Love Life
I actually did have a boyfriend for a while, he had been a friend of mine since like 2nd grade. But I didn’t feel satisfied in the relationship because we both worked a lot and didn’t have a lot of time to spend with each other. On top of it, I felt like he might have liked me more, than I liked him and I felt like that wasn’t fair to him. I had kinda felt iffy about the relationship from the start so I decided we should break up. To be completely honest though, I hate it now. I’m not saying I hate him, or I hated the relationship, or I hate being single, but I hate that I feel like I ruined our friendship. Like after we broke up he said we could still be friends, but I’ve been the only one who has tried to start the convo and he hardly responds. I guess I need to give it a lot of time but it hurts. I wasn’t in love with him, but I loved him, and I hate that we don’t talk now. And I miss his dog and his crazy step brother, and I really I miss him.

I don’t know what to do right now, other than to wait. But he did mention he wanted to leave this hell hole of a city we live in, so I don’t know what will happen from there.

Job History
I was at Qdoba for 9 months.
I got fired for my attitude and then two months later got a job at Burger King for 6 months.
I still kept in contact with Rico, because Marci and I both liked to talk to him. I ended up getting offered my job back with a entire dollar raise (making bank bro). I got Marci to work with me too.
I left Qdoba because I couldn’t deal with how rude Dawg and X were being, so I quit.
It took a while but I got hired at Walmart as a baker and my title is a sales associate.
I have currently been at Walmart for about 4-5 months and I love most of my coworkers really. There is only one I don’t like at all as much. I think all of the ones in my department are like 25 and up, and it’s great because I have always gotten along with the older crowd a little better, for I am an old soul.

What’s Next
Well it just occurred to me I never talked about my squad on here, so there will definitely be an upcoming post on all of them. Also I’m going to cover my car, Mercedes, in detail. I’m going to talk about my lifestyle changes as well.

I hope that you all have a wonderful morning (it’s 9:05am here), and God bless you all.